Jerry Andrus was well known among many of the world's greatest performing magicians as one of the best "close-up magic" performers. However, he is equally regarded among scientists, educators and skeptics as a visionary, poet, philosopher, inventor and creator of truly amazing optical illusions.

Jerry's talents have been featured in publications such as Omni magazine and on numerous television appearances. He has performed and lectured around the globe. Jerry's unique perspective and keen eye is always on the lookout for ways in how our eyes can decieve the mind, causing us to question our perception of "reality". He is frequently invited to bring his illusions to scientific and skeptic conferences to illustrate how easily our miraculous human mind can be fooled.

Andrus, the Man, the Mind & the Magic is a documentary about the many talents of this creative genius.

Producer - Director: Robert Neary
CoProducer - Cinematography: Tyson Smith